Manage, Control and Monitor


Built for today’s connected cloud and IoT world.


Simplified Innovation

Building a connected product is hard and takes time, money, infrastructure and partnerships. Over the past few years we’ve dedicated tens of thousands of engineering hours to develop an intelligent platform that lets any third party system connect with SekureID’s Smart Biometric Devices to help improve the security and efficient identification of millions of people daily.

Flexible APIs

The SekureID Cloud and Xenio APIs provides methods to manage, control and monitor Xenio Smart Biometric & RFID devices. Through this Intelligent Service, a partner’s application can connect with one or thousands of Xenio Smart devices simultaneously, extending the power to add intelligent next generation biometric and RFID identification systems to their systems.

Orchestrate Anything

SekureID provides flexible REST APIs for partners to manage users, biometric data, time logs, permissions, access control and settings in the Xenio smart devices to easily integrate with their system. The body of the REST API will use a standard JSON document