Smart Biometric Device Manager


Built for today’s connected cloud and IoT world.

Easily Manage Xenio Devices on the Cloud

Wether your cloud or ours, the Xenio Device Manager extends the power to easily and effectively manage users, time logs, events, access control and settings from any Xenio Smart Device.

Real Time Communication

Designed with today's connected world in mind (IoT "internet of things", m2m "machine to machine"). Our communication technology leverages seamless real time data transfer from our devices to third party systems and vice versa.

Intelligent Synchronization

With our proprietary communication algorithm, the Xenio Device Manager was designed for today’s connected cloud in mind. Allowing efficient data synchronization of Xenio Smart Devices. Easily syncing data to one or thousands of devices instantly.

Flexible APIs

SekureID provides flexible REST APIs for partners to manage users, biometric data, time logs, permissions, access control and settings in the Xenio smart devices to easily integrate with their system. The body of the REST API will use a standard JSON document