Touchless Iris Verification
at a Blink


Iris recognition terminal, designed for today’s connected cloud & IoT world.


The XENIO-i1000 is the most advanced iris recognition terminal designed for today’s connected cloud and IoT “internet of things” world. This robust, contactless and hygienic solution verifies user’s identities based on the characteristics of their iris. Where fingerprint privacy and performance are concerned, especially in high traffic areas, iris recognition provides the most accurate method for the identification and authentication of individuals .

Automatic Face Detection & Iris Capture

The proprietary face-finding function makes the Xenio-i1000 a touch-free system. The iris camera has built in sensors which activate when a user approaches, automatically tilting and adjusting to the user’s height for verification.

As Easy as Taking a Selfie

Innovative face display -like a smart phone “Selfie” -allows for easy and lightning fast authentication.

Mifare Smart Card Reader

The Xenio i-1000 has a built-in Smart Mifare Card Reader, adding a second layer of security. Compatible with Mifare 1K, 4K, Classic.

Real Time Communication

Designed with today's connected world in mind (IoT "internet of things", m2m "machine to machine"). Our communication technology leverages seamless real time data transfer from our devices to third party systems and vice versa.

Versatile Communication Interface

Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11)

Ethernet TCP/IP

Bluetooth BLE 4.0

RS232 Communication

RS485 Communication

Wiegand Output

Form C Relay

2 TTL Input / 1 TTL Output

USB Download

Flexible API's

Building a connected product is hard. We know because we’ve done it. So no matter what kind of software system you’re building or what stage you’re in, SekureID offers proven technologies and solutions across our entire stack. Allowing to easily add our products to your system.

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